Electrosmog and Vitamin D/B12 and Ammonia Toxicity/Preventing Exercise Induced Joint Discomfort

Electrosmog and Vitamin D

Healthy functionality of the vitamin D receptor (VDR) is fundamental for immune system regulation. Of the many effects that occur when vitamin D binds to its receptor, two are particular to the immune system: reinforcing gut barrier integrity, and suppressing autoimmune responses by enabling the immune system to differentiate self from non-self.

Recent research shows that Vitamin D Receptor (VDR) pathways are susceptible to interference by electrosmog.

According to researchers, the shape of the VDR molecule transforms with electrosmog exposure within the frequency range of cell phones and WiFi routers: “Groups of hundreds of atoms which form the helical “backbone” of the VDR…shift together at the lower frequencies present in electrosmog” …may either promote or hinder activation of the vitamin D receptor, depending on both the frequency of the molecular interactions, and that of the impinging electromagnetic waves”.  (Study)

B12 and Ammonia Toxicity

I have previously blogged on the subject of vitamin B12, and why the common medical tests for determining B12 deficiency are flawed.

And, by far, my most popular blog has been on the subject of ammonia toxicity.

Now, thanks to reader Jimmy Jones, I have an interesting link between the two subjects.

A serum B12 test is only accurate some of the time because our tissue level of B12 can be low, while the blood appears normal. Thus normal or high serum (blood) vitamin B-12 levels can sometimes be seen in a B-12 deficient state, and can therefore be misleading. Better indicators of B-12 deficiency than the actual serum B-12 level itself are tests which indicate high levels of Methymalonic Acid (MMA) and/or Homocysteine (HC).   (Study)

MMA is generally elevated in 90-98% of patients with B12 deficiency (at the mitochondrial level) and reflects functional deficiency of vitamin B12.   (Source)

Furthermore, when B12 gets too low, it causes methylmalonic acid to rise dangerously, blocking enzymes in the urea cycle that convert ammonia into urea. This in turn leads to elevated ammonia levels. Most doctors are unaware that low B12 causes high ammonia, and they often misdiagnose people with other conditions.   (Source)


We at Nutristart use NEM, an eggshell membrane extract scientifically proven to treat symptoms of osteoarthritis, in our JointStart Supreme product.

A new study done on NEM (published in the Journal Clinical Interventions in Aging) has shown it to also have fast benefits for exercise-induced joint discomfort. This study was designed to evaluate whether NEM® (natural eggshell membrane) would reduce exercise-induced cartilage turnover, or alleviate joint pain or stiffness, either directly following exercise or 12 hours post exercise (versus placebo).

“NEM, 500 mg once daily, rapidly improved recovery from exercise-induced joint pain (Day 8) and stiffness (Day 4) and also significantly reduced the discomfort from stiffness immediately following exercise (Day 7). Moreover, a substantial chondroprotective effect was demonstrated from supplementation with NEM through a lasting decrease in the cartilage degradation process.”  (Source)

This would indicate that, given the extra anti-inflammatory and cartilage rebuilding substances found in Jointstart Supreme, our product would be extremely helpful in dealing with exercise-induced stiffness, pain, inflammation, and joint deterioration.

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