About NutriStart

NutriStart™ was founded in 1997 to provide you with the most effective nutritional supplements to help you achieve an optimal healthy lifestyle. The company started with NutriPods and gradually evolved into a full line of products.

Our products are unique for the following reasons:


We believe that health and vitality comes from whole foods nourishment, and we look to nature to guide us in the formulation of our products. Sustainability and respect for the nature are guiding values for NutriStart.


All of our products use natural ingredients based on sound research and accumulated experience. We consult highly accredited research consultants in our product development.

Premium Quality Ingredients

NutriStart products use the highest quality ingredients produced to exacting standards based on the latest nutritional research and information. We take pride in providing our customers with extraordinary quality nutrition products.

Effective Solutions

We combine the best of nature and science. Our cutting edge supplements use the best quality ingredients at the most effective dosages to provide real natural solutions to your health challenges. All of our products have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Education and Empowerment

Our commitment to health and wellness goes beyond offering supplement products. Wellness education is the foundation of long lasting health and vitality. Our staff strive to provide you with quality information and educational materials that support our health products.

NutriStart is a family owned business based in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

We work every day to provide effective products and education to help you achieve the energy, vitality and longevity you deserve. We thank you for supporting us in this process and wish you happiness and wellness.

Development Team

Jon Fitzpatrick

Founder and President

Jon founded NutriStart because he is passionate about providing natural health solutions for his family and consumers. He enjoys hiking, nature, photography, and mountain climbing.

Ken Peters

Product Formulator, Research and Development

Ken has over 30 years experience in the nutrition industry. He has been counseling people for over 20 years. Ken is a published author and researcher. NutriStart publishes his latest book Health Secrets for the 21st Century

Simon Wallace, B.Sc Pharmacy

Research Consultant

• Graduate UK industrial pharmacist, specializing in Pharmaceutical products, natural health products, nutraceuticals, homeopathics, and synthetic medicinal chemistry with 38 years experience (UK and Canada)

• Completed part time research work for M. Sc in Medicinal Chemistry (University of Manchester, U.K.; de novo synthesis and in virto evaluation for potential pharmacological effects- smooth muscle relaction and calcium channel blockade)

• B.Sc Pharmacy (Honors pharmaceutics specialization) University of Manchester (UK 1971-1974)

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