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The field of nutrition is full of conflicting advice, and much of it motivated by marketing. Understanding what nutritional advice fits you can aid in:

• Reducing pain and inflammation
• Raising immunity
• Balancing your body weight
• Preventing mental decline
• Increasing physical energy
• Improving the quality of your life

Discover why:

• Following the “blood-type diet” is critical in modern times
• Soy foods are good for some, bad for others
• Cheap cookware is linked to prostate problems
• Refined carbs are fattening in the evening but not after exercise
• Symptoms of high stomach acid may be caused by just the opposite
• We are chronically deficient in vitamins A and D

You may be taking nutritional supplements but are you using them effectively? Learn why:
• Too many B-vitamins can be hard on your liver
• Too much calcium can be deadly
• You should not take supplements every day
• Squinting in the sun is a sign of a specific nutritional deficiency
• Certain supplements need to be taken at a meal containing fat
• Chewable vitamin C can be worse than sugar on your teeth

Let author Ken Peters take you on a journey through the world of nutrition and nutritional supplements. Find the answers that will guide you to optimal health and longevity.

About The Author - Ken Peters

Ken Peters has been employed in the health and nutrition field for 30 years, and has spent the last 20 as a nutritional consultant. He is also a writer and researcher, a published author, and works in product research and development for NutriStart Vitamin Company.

Book Reviews

By Dr. Tom Johnson, M.D., B.Sc
Health Secrets for the 21st Century was a gem to read. It is well organized, and ideas are clearly expressed on a wealth of interesting and useful information. Mr. Peters has the diction of a seasoned and thoughtful family practitioner, able to research challenging topics and deliver a succinct relevant perspective that is easily understood. His reasoning is transparent and the reader can see how the conclusions were attained.

Challenging and important topics are addressed in significant detail, such as B12, green tea, and prostate health.

It is full of practical tips which can be easily implemented. Many of his recommendations could profoundly improve the health of the reader. I believe this book is as relevant to the seasoned practitioner as it is to the newcomer to alternative healthcare. It is not just a book on theory. It will likely result in you making some beneficial changes in your own healthcare and that of your family.

By Matti Anttila, CLYT, Laughter Yoga Teacher
After decades of study and a shelves full of health books, Health Secrets for the 21st Century delivered a pleasant surprise for me: New information!

Not only that, but information about how to balance nutrients and how critical it is to do so.

For example, the B vitamins. If we receive too much of some and not other of the Bs, that can mean a deficiency. They and other nutrients work in harmony with each other. Too much intake of one nutrient can mean the body robs the cells of other nutrients to try to work with the excess nutrient.

Another revelation is that of calcium. In fact, one chapter is titled “Death by Calcium.” It seems we tend to get too much calcium in relation to magnesium. The excess calcium can then deposit in joints causing arthritis or even in soft tissue and cause inflammatory conditions. He also reveals what we need to do to address this calcium, magnesium imbalance.

And why do we load up on calcium? Because the media tells us it’s good for strong bones. Ken reveals that boron, vitamin K2 (the MK7 variety, not the MK4) and silica are the critical bone building nutrients.

As a boomer, I also very much appreciated the new “weapon” against prostate disorders. The multi carotenoids are in my daily protocol now.

This book has made a huge difference to my nutrient protocol in those and a number of other areas.

Thank you, Ken, for taking the time to share your knowledge and wisdom. Looking forward to the next book.

By Jen Corbeil, ND
With his many years of experience and research in the nutritional field, along with a solid foundation in Macrobiotic and Traditional Chinese Medicine concepts, Ken Peters offers insightful and sound advice in his recent book. Plus, Health Secrets for the 21st Century is simply an interesting read: very accessible, concise, and eye-opening for many as Ken examines some of the common health myths circulating today and offers his own well-grounded opinions. I will pass it on to family and patients alike.

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