The Two Hidden Causes of Lower Back Pain

A NOvel Approach to Improving the Oral Microbiome

The Benefits of Ginger

Zinc as a Sleep Aid

Treating Severe Hair Loss

Iodine and COVID

Leaky Gut Syndrome and Lactospore

Probiotics in the Fight Against COVID-19

SUGAR: The Gateway Drug

A New Approach to Osteoarthritis

Vegan Children and Nutritional Deficiencies

The Forgotten Flavanoid

AdrenalStart for Sleep Disorders

Beta Carotene is No Substitute for Vitamin A

Vitamin B6 and COVID

Vitamin D Protection/Teeth Whitening

The COVID Files

Foods for Brain Protection and Cognition

Naturally Treating Gut Inflammation

COVID and Metabolic Syndrome

Most Common Comorbidities in COVID-19

COVID-19 and Glutathione

Melatonin & Macular Degeneration/Telomeres

Vitamin B-12 for Diabetic Neuropathy and Metformin Users

You Say Tomato, I Say Lycopene

COVID-19: Melatonin & CBD

COVID and Licorice

Vitamin D and Ocular Health

More About Healing Leaky Gut

Arthritis Supplements & Leaky Gut Syndrome Part 2

Why Would an Arthritis Supplement Treat Leaky Gut?

Leaky Gut Syndrome

Astaxanthin and Vitamin D for Aging Skin

Astaxanthin and Mitochondria

Topical Vitamin D for Skin Health and Beauty

Red Light and Vision

Lactospore and Protein Absorption

Feeling Good

Using Lactospore for Detoxification

More Discoveries About Vitamin A

COVID-19 and Protective Nutrients

Meat Substitutes

Vitamin A and Respiratory Ailments

New Discoveries About Melatonin

Vitamin K and Coronavirus; the Benefits of Napping

Vitamin B3 for Muscular Wasting Disease/Counterspin on Vitamin D and COVID

Sirtuin Genes: The Benefit of Legumes; Slowing the 5G Rollout

Vitamin D Status and Covid-19

Schisandra, Vitamin C, & the Brain; more…

Sunlight and the Microbiome

Coping With Stress

The Truth About Hand Sanitizers

The Importance of Selenium

Zinc for Antiviral Protection

Vitamin D and Viruses

Liposomal Glutathione for Fighting Viruses; Quercetin and Coronavirus

The Antiviral Properties of Medicinal Mushrooms

Enhancing Immunity and Fighting Viruses

Vitamin C -Virus Killer

More About Iodine

Iodine for Treating Candida, Sinusitis, and Biofilm

Butter and Your Social Life

Safety of Alcohol Consumption

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, and Gut Health

Smart Meters

Help With Insomnia (Pt. 1)

Fighting Insomnia/The spice of Life

Gum Disease Leads to Alzheimer’s and Other Diseases

Lactospore Supreme for Depression/Signs on the Fingernails that Indicate B12 Deficiency

The Legacy of Dr. Abram Hoffer: Part 2

Feed Your Head: The Legacy of Dr. Abram Hoffer

Magnesium Stearate

Treating Hemorrhoids

Best Diet for a Healthy Microbiome/Vitamin D and the Microbiome

An Unusual Symptom of B12 Deficiency/Insulin Resistance and Ovarian Cancer

Is Cheese Good for You?

Does Krill Oil Prevent Heart Disease?

The Link Between Constipation and Depression

Phosphatidylcholine and Dementia

A New Look at PTSD

Vitamin D and Adolescent Behavior/Turmeric and Asthma Control in Children

Zinc and Insulin Regulation/Anxiety and the Microbiome

Vitamin D and Belly Fat

Unusual Cancer “Cure”

Melatonin is Not Just for Sleep

Longevity Tips

Nutrition for Vegetarians and Vegans

Vitamin D and Heart Failure

Helping Schizophrenia and Calming the Brain

Vitamin D Overdose/Another Problem with Calcium/Don’t Eat Raw Kale/Homocysteine and the Brain

Vitamin D and Female Infertility/Zinc and Sleep/Anecdotal Sleep Story/Autism

Vitamin D, Pain Management, B12, and Glutathione

Unusual Symptoms of Vitamin D Deficiency/Eat More Chocolate

Vitamin D Prevents the Flu/Vitamin D and Exercise/Capacity/Preventing Diabetes/Why Getting the Measles is Good For You

Gum Disease and Vitamin D/Smart Meter Documentary/Free Brain Test

Vitamin D and Erectile Dysfunction/EMF’s and Mercury Release From Dental Fillings/Phytic Acid and Alzheimer’s

Vitamin D and Testosterone/The Truth About Phytic Acid/Hydrogen Water

Vitamin D and Celiac Disease in Children/The Truth About Lectins

Electrosmog/Ammonia Toxicity

Vitamin D & Magnesium/EMF Blocking

Vertigo and Vitamin D/“Whole Food” Vitamins/Regenerating Myelin/A New Treatment for MS

Vitamin D and Alzheimer’s Disease/Berberine Treats Alzheimer’s and More/Our Nuclear Neighbour

Vitamin D and Hair Loss/Soy Foods and Cancer/Aluminum and Autism

Vitamin D and the Infant Microbiome/The Many Benefits of Pomegranate Juice/Fluoride in Your Wine?/A New Approach to Fibromyalgia

Vitamin D and Pain Medication/Protecting the Eyes from Macular Degeneration and Blue Screen Damage/Homeopathy and Heavy Metals

Preserving Muscle Mass as We Age/Viewing Nature for Health and Longevity/Mandatory Vaccination

Vitamin D and Thyroid Function/We All Need Boron/A New Solution for Rheumatoid Arthritis/Prostate Health

Vitamin D and Psychological Health in Children/Treating Hair Loss/Painkillers for Heartbreak/The Truth about Aerotoxic Syndrome

Vitamin D and Magnesium/The Secret of Detox Bathing/Wine Drinking

Skip the Sunscreen/Pregnant Women Should Not Take Tylenol/What’s Wrong with Bragg Soy Seasoning?

Vitamin D During Pregnancy Helps Prevent Autism/Grow Your Own Stem Cells

Vitamin D Deficiency and Frequent Headaches/Ashwagandha and Muscle Building

Vitamin D and Bipolar Disorder/Krill Oil and Cognitive Function

Vitamin D and Chronic Pain/Mercury and Autism

Vitamin D and Respiratory Infections in Seniors/Soil Based Organisms

Vitamin D and Bladder Cancer/Krill Oil and Athletes/The Myth of Drug Addiction

Vitamin D and Acne/Probiotics, Infants and ADHD/Cannabis and Cancer

Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease/Qigong

Vitamin D and Insomnia/Vitamin D and the Microbiome/Placebo Effect Growing Stronger

Vitamin D Reduces Muscle Fatigue in the Elderly/Vitamin D and Diabetic Retinopathy

Vitamin D and Colorectal Cancer/Vitamin D and Sleep Apnea/Vitamin D and Autism

Vitamin D and Heart Failure/Vitamin D and Cognitive Decline/Vaccination and Childhood Diseases

High PSA & Low Vitamin D/Vitamin D and Diabetic Neuropathy/Turmeric Recipe/Turmeric and Mycotoxins

Support Your Local Microbiome/IBS, Crohn’s Disease and Vitamin D/Healing with Whole Foods by Paul Pitchford

Testosterone and Vitamin D/“Confessions of a Medical Heretic” by Dr. Robert Mendelsohn

Vitamin D and Erectile Dysfunction/Vitamin D and Longevity/Vitamin D and Rheumatoid Arthritis/Astragalus and Green Tea for Cold and Flu Prevention/Cancer

Vitamin D Makes You More Physically Fit/Vitamin D Increases Muscle Strength/The Hidden Cost of Antibiotic Use in Farm Animals

Vitamin D linked to reduced risk of lung cancer/Study links low vitamin D levels to rapid cognitive decline/Psychological Techniques in Advertising

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