Vitamins and Weight Loss

Caught a cold? You know what all your friends will say: “take Vitamin C tablets and drink loads of orange juice!” If it’s deep in the dark of winter and you’re feeling low, you may grab your container of Vitamin D to compensate for the lack of sunshine. Vitamins are often the first cure we consider when it comes to battling a cold or perking us up. However, it’s less common to reach for your vitamins when weight loss is on the agenda. But you should (Nutri)Start! Yes you can be both hilarious and informative!

The following are some common vitamins that have been proven to help folks achieve their weight loss goals:


Vitamin C

You may know Vitamin C as a healer for illnesses like the common cold and flu. Oranges and grapefruits aren’t just great for feeling better though. The vitamin has also been proven to affect your stamina during exercise. Vitamin C is your body’s tissue repairman and is required to both grow new tissue and repair the tissue you’ve already got. In one 2012 study, scientists found that for a group of 20 adult subjects, people given 500 mg of Vitamin C versus people given a placebo felt less fatigued after time on a treadmill and had decreased ratings of perceived exertion.  


Vitamin D and Vitamin A

Many people refer to Vitamin D as the sunshine vitamin since spending time in the sun is one way we can absorb it. But what does it actually do for our bodies? Vitamin D plays a role in determining whether your body should burn fat or store it. When your body is lacking in Vitamin D, its parathyroid hormone levels increase which can result in your cells converting sugar to fat. Ensuring your Vitamin D levels are sufficient will be helpful to you throughout your weight loss journey. The same goes for Vitamin A. Vitamin A helps keep our skin, hair and eyes in working order and is involved in energy metabolism and immune function, similar to Vitamin D.


Vitamin B12

B12 is one of those pesky vitamins that many people fail to get enough of, as food is our main source for consumption but people often follow diets that decrease their intake. One symptom of B12 deficiency is difficulty sleeping at night and feeling awake during the day. This is why it’s incredibly important to keep an eye on your B12 levels, especially when trying to lose weight. Odds are you’ll be upping your exercise amount for your weight loss and if you’re exhausted, getting in a sufficient workout will be difficult, unpleasant and ultimately discouraging. If you’re feeling tired on a day to day basis it may be time to talk to your doctor or naturopath to determine whether you should add a B12 supplement to your daily routine.

Although vitamin supplements can be an excellent addition to your weight loss plan, make sure you consult your doctor before taking new vitamins or increasing your intake. It’s essential you determine which vitamins are in deficiency in your body before fiddling with your levels, as overdoing certain vitamins (like B12, A and D) can have negative effects on your health.


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