Provide Smoothie

Delicious Superfood Smoothie with Greens, Berries, Fibre and Protein!

  • Whole foods healthiness, fast food convenience
  • Boost your energy and metabolism
  • Detoxify and alkalize your body
  • 3x Immune enhancement from berries, whey protein & greens
Provide Smoothie NutriStart

Provide Smoothie is more than just a great tasting smoothie that mixes instantly; it’s a delicious way to increase your energy and vitality.

Size: 786 gram

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Provide Smoothie. Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Provide Smoothie make a great breakfast?

What many people do not realize is that, as we approach middle age, our body starts using our muscle as fuel when we skip breakfast. Eating protein first thing in the day is one of the two most critical times to ingest protein. The other important time to consume protein is post-exercise, when the body can use muscle as a protein and energy source if it doesn’t get adequate dietary protein.

What are the benefits of Provide Smoothie?

Protein Complex

Our cross-flow cold micro-filtered whey protein isolate preserves the micro-fractions of whey that raise glutathione levels in the body. This enhances the body’s immune and detoxification functions. This process also reduces lactose levels to less than 3%, making it suitable for most of those who are lactose-intolerant. Along with the protein from the flax seed, each serving of PROVIDE contains more protein than 2 large eggs.

Fibre Complex

Provide Smoothie offers over 5 grams of mixed soluble and insoluble fibres per serving. These fibres include flax seed, oat fibre and inulin. Fibre supplementation has been clinically proven to aid in weight loss programs and cholesterol lowering regimens. Fibre provides a sense of fullness and aids in regularity, as well as binding cholesterol and toxins in the intestines, and removing them from the body. Inulin increases friendly bacteria in the gut, and inhibits bad bacteria (eg. E. coli) from reproducing. It also has been shown to aid in calcium absorption. Flax lignans remove excess estrogens from the body, thus balancing estrogen metabolism in both men and women. Lignans have also demonstrated anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal effects. Health Canada Flax Monograph

Greens Complex

Provide Smoothie contains barley grass juice concentrate, rather than the cheaper whole powdered plant. Barley grass is rich in vitamins, minerals and enzymes, including the powerful anti-oxidant enzymes S.O.D. and catalase. Spirulina contains every known nutrient, except vitamin C, is high in GLA (an essential fatty acid), B12 and is an immune supportive. Chlorella is another nutritional algae, which is an even more dramatic detoxifier than spirulina. These powerful green foods are all rich in chlorophyll which helps cleanse, detoxify and alkalize the body.

Berry Complex

Berries are richer in antioxidants than vegetables. Antioxidants protect against free radical damage, the cause of certain cancers, heart disease and premature aging (including mental decline).

Bilberry: Known mostly for its ability to protect the eyes, bilberry also improves circulation and protects the heart. Health Canada Bilberry Monograph

Blueberry: The most powerful of all fruits and vegetables for antioxidant activity. It is also helpful for stabilizing blood sugar levels.

Cherry: Cherries have been used in folk medicine to reduce uric acid levels in conditions of gout. They also contain powerful natural anti-inflammatory compounds beneficial for all types of arthritis. Cherries are a natural source of melatonin.

Cranberry: Commonly used to treat and prevent bladder and prostate infection, it has recently been discovered that cranberries help reduce the risk of heart disease by reducing total and LDL (“bad”) cholesterol levels. Health Canada Cranberry Monograph

Elderberry: Rich in vitamins and flavonoids, elderberry is an excellent immune supportive with clinically proven anti-viral properties.

Grape Seed Extract: A more powerful antioxidant than vitamins C and E, grape seed extract also strengthens connective tissues, particularly capillaries and veins.

How can Provide Smoothie support my weight loss efforts?

Eating infrequently slows the body’s metabolism. Eating small meals more frequently (4 to 6 times per day) encourages the metabolism to speed up, thereby burning more calories. Using Provide Smoothie once or twice per day, between meals, can facilitate this process.

All of the components of Provide Smoothie contribute to weight loss programs.

Protein: Maintains muscle mass, prevents muscular wasting and contributes to building muscle after exercise. Muscle burns fat.

Fibre: Cleans the colon, is detoxifying and improves nutrient absorption. Satisfies the appetite and stabilizes blood sugar levels.

Greens: Detoxifies and balances the acid-alkaline levels in the body.

Berries: Recent studies have found a relationship between obesity and low levels of antioxidants.

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