LactoSpore and Protein Absorption

LactoSpore and Protein Absorption

Among the many health benefits that probiotics offer (covered in previous blogs) is the ability to improve digestive health. If we improve our digestive health, we in turn attain a more efficient absorption of dietary nutrients.

This improvement in nutrient absorption is based on a variety of mechanisms. For example, mineral absorption is optimized through changes in the pH levels of digestive fluids, and carbohydrate digestion is improved by probiotics aiding in the production of digestive enzymes. As well, probiotics have the ability to reduce cholesterol levels by breaking down excessive cholesterol in the gut,and they participate in the synthesis of various vitamins.

As a result of these established virtues of probiotics, researches had a look at how Bacillus coagulans (contained in our LactoSpore product) might improve digestive health. And, indeed, they discovered a number of benefits that B. coagulans provided to improve digestive functions.

For one thing, B. coagulans encourages an environment in the intestines which is inhospitable to a variety of pathogenic bacteria. This creates a healthier, and thus more efficient intestinal tract, one able to better utilize nutrients consumed from the diet.

In one particular study, the specific nutrient examined was protein, and the study was engineered to determine if ingesting B. coagulans, would aid in protein absorption and utilization.

Healthy subjects consumed either whey protein or whey protein plus 1 billion CFU B. coagulans for 2 weeks. B. coagulans increased absorption of amino acids of specific importance to athletes and people interested in muscle health, including BCAAs (leucine, isoleucine, valine), or amino acids involved in blood flow regulation, such as citrulline, or recovery (glutamine).”

As well, “muscle-damaging exercise significantly increased muscle soreness and reduced perceived recovery in the protein alone group. However, the co-administration of B. coagulans with casein (milk protein) significantly reduced soreness and increased perceived recovery”.

This study concluded that, the “co-administration of B. coagulans with protein has been shown to increase protein absorption and to maximize the health benefits associated with protein supplementation”. (Study)

Thus for those with muscular wasting issues due to age or ill health, and for athletes seeking improved recovery, taking 2 or 3 capsules of LactoSpore Original (or one cap of Lactospore Supreme) with a protein shake, can dramatically improve both digestion and assimilation. As B. coagulans is especially resistant to stomach acid, it can also be taken at meals with conventional proteins.

But wait, there’s more!

There is yet another benefit to this particular probiotic (spore actually), which could be of massive value to a good portion of the population.

According to the study referred to above, B. coagulans “enhances the health of the cells of the gut lining by decreasing inflammation, thereby improving nutrient absorption through optimum development of the absorptive area of the villi.

And, another study determined that, B. coagulans increases populations of beneficial bacteria “as well as the production of short-chain fatty acids essential for the health of cells lining the gut”. (Study) (One particular short-chain fatty acid that was increased was butyrate, essential for repairing gut lining, along with having many other benefits. For more on the subject see my newsletter, Butter Up Your Social Life.)

So, B. coagulans (LactoSpore) can both aid in healing leaky gut, an all too common health issue, and improve the health of the villi (little “hairs”) in the gut, something that would be of benefit for those with celiac disease.

Suspend the 5G Rollout

In a previous newsletter I included a link to a Canadian petition called the Suspend 5G Canada Appeal, which asked our politicians to hold back on 5G installation, and to instead provide us with “safe, fast, resilient Internet using fibre and wired connections instead of wireless, whenever possible”.

(For those who wish to find out more about the dangers of 5G follow this link.)

Since the launch of that petition, over 17,000 individuals, and more than 40 organizations have signed the Appeal. Of the individuals who signed, nearly 14,000 also sent a message to their Member of Parliament. As a result, “some Canadian municipalities are taking actions even though antenna approvals are under federal jurisdiction”.

For an update on this petition, or to sign up for their newsletters, follow this link. There you will also find an overview of how other countries, on a local level, are pushing back against the aggressive, unstudied, 5G rollout because of health, and other concerns.

If you wish to see, or share, a concise video on the subject, from Frank Clegg, the CEO of Canadians for Safe Technology (C4ST), follow this link.

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