Vitamin D and Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease/Qigong/Killing With Calcium


The buildup of extra fat in the liver that isn’t caused by alcohol abuse is known as Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD). NAFLD has become the most common form of chronic liver disease in Western countries. With rates as high as 30%, it is more common than viral hepatitis or alcoholic liver disease.

Unfortunately, NAFLD is often a disease that shows no obvious symptoms, but when left undiagnosed can lead to further complications, including inflamed liver, and cirrhosis. Currently, there is no approved treatment for NAFLD except for a recommendation to follow a healthy diet and exercise regularly.

NAFLD is closely linked to metabolic syndrome (insulin resistance), which is in turn linked to obesity and sedentary lifestyle. Vitamin D deficiency is also linked to these conditions, so researchers have been looking for a relationship between Vitamin D deficiency and NAFLD, and they appear to have found one.

One study from last year concluded that “Vitamin D deficiency is commonly associated with NAFLD and has even been correlated with disease severity. The metabolic, anti-inflammatory and anti-fibrotic properties of vitamin D provide plausible mechanisms by which vitamin D may impact on the various steps of disease progression and severity. Cumulatively, this would suggest that vitamin D replacement might be effective in the treatment of NAFLD.”  (World J Gastroenterol. 2015 Feb 14; 21(6): 1718–1727. “Vitamin D: A new player in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease?” Myrto Eliades and Elias Spyrou.)  (Study)

Another study done in Korea concluded that “Low vitamin D status is closely associated with NAFLD, independent of visceral obesity in subjects with diabetes or insulin resistance.”  (PLoS One. 2013 Oct 9;8(10). “Low vitamin D status is associated with nonalcoholic Fatty liver disease independent of visceral obesity in Korean adults.” Seo JA, et al.)    (Study)

If you or someone you know has NAFLD, there may be new hope besides lifestyle and diet changes. Talk to your caregiver and see if Vitamin D can help.


After acupuncture, Qigong is perhaps the most well-known of the Asian healing arts. Qigong can be practiced as martial, medical, or spiritual, but all styles have three things in common: they all involve a posture, (either moving or stationary), breathing techniques and mental focus. Some practices increase the Qi (or chi) within the practitioner, using it to cleanse and heal their body, while other practices are designed to emit Qi, in order to help heal others.
Qi is the Chinese term for the force which gives life. In “Star Wars”, it is known as “the force”; to Hindus it is referred to as Prana; to Native American Indians, the Great Spirit.

In this stunning video, a Qigong master demonstrates this force with unbelievable results. Unbelievable to Western science at least, and before you throw up your hands and say it’s all trickery, wait until the end of the video when they bring some Western researchers on board to test the fellow out.

If you enjoy what he has to say, more information on the subject can be found at The Institute of HeartMath, an internationally recognized nonprofit research and education organization, “dedicated to helping people reduce stress, self-regulate emotions, and build energy and resilience for healthy, happy lives.”

Killing With Calcium

Back in 2010 I wrote a blog called “Killing With Calcium” based on the idea that too much calcium is actually dangerous. Since then, a number of scientific studies have confirmed the observation, and now Dr. Robert Thompson has combined the information on the dangers of excess calcium with information on the importance of other minerals into one book. “The Calcium Lie II: What Your Doctor Still Doesn’t Know”, by Robert Thompson and Kathleen Barnes, is a revised and updated version of Thompson’s first book.

“If you believe that bones are made of calcium, you have subscribed to The Calcium Lie. Most consumers and, surprisingly, most doctors, believe that bones are made of calcium. Yet any basic biochemistry textbook will tell you the truth: Bones are made of at least a dozen minerals and we need all of them in perfect proportions in order to have healthy bones and healthy bodies. If you get too much calcium, through food sources or by taking supplements, you set yourself up for an array of negative health consequences, including obesity, Type 2 diabetes, Type 2 hypothyroidism, hypertension, depression, problem pregnancies and more. This is the second edition of the calcium Lie, updated, expanded and with greater in-depth explanation of the medical problems that can be caused by mineral imbalances and solid strategies to correct them.”

For a more detailed synopsis of the book and what it has to offer, as well as where to purchase go to:

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