Unusual Cancer “Cure”

Unusual Cancer “Cure”

Last year, Joe Tippens was all over the internet, as well as being interviewed repeatedly on television. His story of how he cured his terminal cancer was unusual, to say the least, and offered hope to many people in the same situation.

In 2016, Tippens was diagnosed with small-cell lung cancer. He underwent conventional medical treatment, however, by January 2017 the cancer had spread throughout his body (including his bones, neck, pancreas, and stomach). At this point he was given 3 months to live, his chances of survival estimated at one percent.

It was at this point Tippens discovered a posting in a forum from Oklahoma State University, one that would save his life. It concerned a veterinarian who had information on an unorthodox method of treating cancer. Tippens contacted the man, who informed him that researchers had accidentally discovered that an anti-parasite drug prevented cancer development in mice bred to develop cancer.

It happened that one of the scientists in the lab was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer, and deciding she had nothing to lose, she started taking the same anti-parasite drug that the rats had been taking. Supposedly, within six weeks her cancer had disappeared. Joe Tippens, also with nothing to lose, started taking this dog deworming drug (fenbendazole).

Three months later Joe had another PET scan to check the spread of his cancer, only to discover there were no signs of cancer anywhere in his body.

“Three months earlier…There was cancer in my body from head to toe. And it was a terrifyingly dangerous metastasis that leaves virtually 100% of its victims dead within 3 months,” Joe said. “Here I was 3 months later and the PET scan was completely dark……void of any light…..anywhere.”

Tippens went for another scan in Sept 2017, which showed he was still cancer-free. (He also took a few supplements during his experiment with fenbendazole, including a full-spectrum vitamin E product, CBD oil, and bioavailable curcumin.)

For the detailed version of this story follow this link, Article

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