Health Secrets Volume 1



The field of nutrition is full of conflicting advice, and much of it motivated by marketing. Understanding what nutritional advice fits you can aid in:

• Reducing pain and inflammation
• Raising immunity
• Balancing your body weight
• Preventing mental decline
• Increasing physical energy
• Improving the quality of your life

Discover why:

• Following the “blood-type diet” is critical in modern times
• Soy foods are good for some, bad for others
• Cheap cookware is linked to prostate problems
• Refined carbs are fattening in the evening but not after exercise
• Symptoms of high stomach acid may be caused by just the opposite
• We are chronically deficient in vitamins A and D

You may be taking nutritional supplements but are you using them effectively? Learn why:
• Too many B-vitamins can be hard on your liver
• Too much calcium can be deadly
• You should not take supplements every day
• Squinting in the sun is a sign of a specific nutritional deficiency
• Certain supplements need to be taken at a meal containing fat
• Chewable vitamin C can be worse than sugar on your teeth

Let author Ken Peters take you on a journey through the world of nutrition and nutritional supplements. Find the answers that will guide you to optimal health and longevity.

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