How to take Nutripods

As with most vitamin and mineral pills, the “Pod” should be consumed with a proper meal; that is one with a mix of protein, fats and carbohydrates. Not with just a piece of fruit or a protein shake. Fat in pill form (i.e. Fish oil, Vit. E, Vit. A, Vit. D,) requires fat in the mouth (as part of the meal) in order to signal the stomach which digestive enzymes to release. Minerals digest best in the presence of high stomach acid, which eating protein stimulates. And nutrients are delivered throughout the body more efficiently in the presence of carbohydrates (though complex carbs are the preferred choice.)


The average person should require only one Pod per day, and in fact, it is not a bad idea to skip weekends. It has been found that the body is much more efficient at conserving and utilizing nutrients, if you are not too generous with it. Since we evolved as feast or famine creatures, indicating to the body that the environment will not always have an excess of nutrients forces it to be better at storing and using the nutrition available to it.


As always, more is not necessarily better.


Nonetheless, for those with poor diets and/or poor health, or high stress level, it is quite acceptable to use two Pods per day. This increase in nutrients can be quite beneficial until ones’ health and diet have normalized. The Pods must be taken at separate meals for this to be of value, otherwise one will just have expensive urine, as the extra water-soluble vitamins spill out of the system.


A final note on swallowing pills. It is counter-productive to swallow 8 oz of liquid to wash down your vitamin pills. This amount of liquid dilutes the stomach acids and impedes the digestion of the meal as well as the vitamins. Ideally, swallow the pills with food. The throat opens wider for food than liquid, making it easier to swallow. You need not chew the pill, just slip it into the mouth prior to swallowing the chewed up mouthful. Or take with minimal liquid.

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