Arthritis Supplements & Leaky Gut Part 2

Arthritis Supplements & Leaky Gut Part 2

Last week we looked at many of the ingredients in JointStart Supreme, and how they helped to heal leaky gut syndrome. This week we will examine the rest of those ingredients.


Natural Eggshell Membrane (NEM®) is a dietary supplement that contains naturally occurring glycosaminoglycans, and proteins, essential for maintaining healthy joint and connective tissues. According to research, it is an “effective and safe therapeutic option for the treatment of pain and inflexibility associated with joint and connective tissue (JCT) disorders”. (Study)

In a clinical study designed to test eggshell membrane for treating IBD (inflammatory bowel diseases, specifically Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis), the researchers found eggshell membrane to be an “effective intervention in optimal IBD management, particularly with regard to reducing the severity of colitis and preventing dysbiosis, which is characterized by an increased diversity of bacteria and decreased absolute numbers of pathogenic bacteria such as Enterobacteriaceae and E. coli”.

Not only did eggshell membrane reduce bad bacteria in the gut, always a danger for those with a leaky gut, but it also “promoted epithelial cell growth…and reduced gut inflammation and intestinal permeability” . (Source)


Serrapeptidase “is present in the silkworm intestine and allows the emerging moth to dissolve its cocoon”, though now it is cultivated in laboratories, for therapeutic purposes.

Like bromelain, serrapeptidase (also known as serrapeptase) is also a proteolytic enzyme, and has many similar attributes. Thus, it provides the same benefits for leaky gut that I discussed in the section on bromelain. However, one source offered a further benefit provided by serrapeptidase, suggesting that it can remove biofilm from the gut, along with reducing leaky gut symptoms.

Biofilm is an impenetrable shield and safe haven for viruses, harmful bacteria, candida, fungus and heavy metals in the gut. Biofilm’s presence pushes out beneficial bacteria and allows a flow of toxins to bypass the gut lining. This stresses the immune system, reduces nutrition absorption and negatively affects the overall health of the individual.” (Source)

Bamboo Silica

Studies published in the journal Gastroenterology have indicated that silica helps rebuild and maintain digestive tract tissue.

Scientists began with the understanding that “collagen production by human intestinal smooth muscle cells has a role in the repair… of the gastrointestinal tract”.

Collagen, known as the “glue” that holds us together, is needed by the body to build new cells in both the stomach lining and the intestinal wall. And, silica is a required component for the synthesis of collagen, and so has an important role to play in rebuilding the gut lining. (Source)

Furthermore, aside from the fact that “a silica deficient diet has been shown to produce poorly formed connective tissue, including collagen””silica has proven essential for maintaining the health of connective tissues due to its interaction with the formation of glycosaminoglycans (GAGs), which are structural building blocks of these types of tissue. One well-known GAG important for skin health is hyaluronic acid, which has been shown to promote skin cell proliferation…” (Study)

Turmeric Extract

A well known anti-inflammatory, turmeric will obviously have some benefit for treating symptoms of leaky gut by reducing localized inflammation, but according to a variety of studies, it may even work to reverse the condition. (Studies refer to “curcumin”, an isolated component of turmeric.)

These studies provide evidence that despite poor absorption and low bioavailability, oral curcumin likely mediates its anti-inflammatory by its local action in the gut…We hypothesized that curcumin attenuates WD-induced chronic inflammation and associated metabolic diseases by modulating the function of intestinal epithelial cells (IECs) and the intestinal barrier function.” (Study)

Now, new generation turmeric extracts, such as those used in JS Supreme, are relatively well absorbed as they contain the whole family of curcuminoids, not just curcumin (which is used in most scientific studies). Nonetheless, for those with a malfunctioning digestive system, there is no question that the most highly absorbed form of turmeric extract is the type found in the liposomal form. Such as NutriStart’s Liposomal Curcumin/Resveratrol product.

Of course, once I mentioned our Liposomal Curcumin/Resveratrol product, I had to check and see if the resveratrol component also had value for treating leaking gut. And indeed it does. So, next week I will examine the value of resveratrol for this condition, along with recommendations from a couple of other experts on the subject.

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