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In my two previous newsletters, I offered some solutions for dealing with sleeping disorders. This week I will examine one of the modern causes of sleep disorders: smart meters. I, among others, believe the forced introduction of smart meters has definitely contributed to an increase in insomnia among the general public. I will start this newsletter with a bit on smart meters from my new book, Health Secrets for the 21st Century: Volume Two, and then offer one solution for protecting yourself from the disruptive frequencies put out by these devices.


(From Health Secrets for the 21st Century: Volume Two

Part Three: Electromagnetic Pollution – Chapter One: Electrosmog)

My aforementioned friend (hypersensitive to electrosmog) found her health rapidly deteriorating when her apartment building switched over to smart meters. Unfortunately for her, all twelve meters for the floor she was on, were in the electrical room on the other side of her kitchen. After the meters were installed she started to experience heart palpitations, shortness of breath, severe vertigo, and viral symptoms—ultimately forcing her to move.

And, of course, in the electrical room on the floor below, were another 12 smart meters, as well on each floor below that—as will be the case in any apartment building.

If you live in an apartment building, or condo, find out where the smart meters are gathered. If meters are adjacent to one of your walls, your apartment will be awash in high radio frequencies. You will definitely want to shield that wall with something, like foil-covered Mylar, or metal screening. Any meter installed inside the building (especially in the basement), will put out a stronger signal than one installed outside of the building, as it has to go through ceilings, floors and/or walls.

The way smart meters are determined to be safe (by industry) is by taking the short, strong bursts of radio waves they send out sporadically, and averaging that over the whole day—including the time that they are not transmitting. This average then looks like a low level of RF, when in fact that is just a numbers trick.

Some of the symptoms associated with radio frequencies emitted by smart meters include arrhythmia, dizziness, headaches, inflammation, irritability, short-term memory loss, mental fog, and sleep disturbance. In 2011, the WHO’s International Agency for Research on Cancer classified wireless smart meter radiation as a 2B possible carcinogen for humans.

For a look at the science on smart meters, visit

Following is an excerpt from their site:

Science on the Dangers of Smart Meters

Reports on Smart Meter Problems

Updated July 23 2019

The 50-page paper “Overview: Fire and Electrical Hazards from ‘Smart’, Wireless, PLC, and Digital Utility Meters” is now available free for downloading and printing. It provides information from experts on utility meters used in the U.S. and Canada.

The report “Analysis: Smart Meter and Smart Grid Problems – Legislative Proposal” is available free to the public for downloading and printing. This 173-page report, released in 2012 by health and environmental advocate Nina Beety, has extensive referenced information on the many problems and risks of the Smart Meter program known at that time, with information from state, national, and international resources.

Investigation and admissions by the industry since 2012 continue to substantiate these serious problems, providing a searing indictment on regulatory and legislative officials who have failed to halt Smart Meter deployments.

Originally written for California legislators, this report also provides a legislative and regulatory action plan for halting this program, and suggestions for reforming utility regulation so that the public is protected in the future.

The report is evidence for assessing accountability and liability for the extensive harm caused to the public. Supplemental documents can be downloaded here.


Neutralizing Your Smart Meter

Now available from, the TACKMETER Smart Meter Cover is designed to protect us from RF radiation from smart meters.

From their marketing material:

Have you developed multiple sleeping problems Since the smart meter was installed facing into your bedroom? Scientific research indicates long-term exposure to high-intensity radiofrequency radiation can cause central nervous system dysfunction, the main symptom is neurasthenia syndrome (“a condition that is characterized by physical and mental exhaustion usually with accompanying symptoms, such as headaches and irritability, often associated with depression or emotional stress, and considered similar to chronic fatigue syndrome). Other symptoms include dizziness, fatigue, sleep disorders, and memory loss.

This, easy to install, Smart Meter Cover is shipped completely assembled. Simply put it over your smart meter. Once it’s placed over the smart meter you can tighten the securing screw slightly to make sure the Smart Meter Cover fits snugly. The use of high grade 316 stainless steel meshing, and quality seam welded construction, means the Smart meter Guard will stand up to the harshest climate and not rust or corrode.

(Smart Meter Cover Link)

If this product interest you, be sure to read the customer comments. It appears that the device fits some smart meters but not others, so it may be of benefit to measure your meter before ordering.

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