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I would like to briefly address the two recent news articles critical of vitamin usage printed in most newspapers with no follow up or opposing opinions. As someone who has worked in the vitamin industry for over 20 years as a consultant, product designer and published author, I am used to seeing these one sided press releases that just create confusion for the consumer.


One titled “Prostate cancer risk linked to vitamin E” was easy to refute by finding the origins of the study on PubMed (Study). Here I found that they used synthetic, petroleum-derived vitamin E (racemic alpha-tocopheryl). (Source)


No one familiar with how to use vitamins, would ever suggest the use of synthetic vitamin E, which is debatable as to how effective it is, but also may actually block e-receptors in the body.


Counter Study On Prostate Cancer and Vitamin E

And, as I mentioned in my book (Health Secrets for the 21st Century), you show me a study that swings one way and these days I will find you one that says just the opposite. For example, on PubMed I found another study involving over 35,000 men (followed for a decade), showing a distinct protective advantage against advanced prostate cancer by taking 400IU of vitamin E daily.   (Study)


Study on Women and Multivitamins

The second article was titled “Women who use multivitamins run risk of earlier death” but first off, the average age was 61, so perhaps it could have been titled “Senior Women…”, secondly, the mortality risk was highest with iron. Any senior woman purchasing a multivitamin in any reputable vitamin store would be sold one with no iron in it, as it has been well established in the vitamin industry that iron can be dangerous for women past menstruation. Finally, the increase in death rate was 2.4% which verges on statistically insignificant, and hardly worth alarmist headlines. (Source)


Ironically, on the page opposite these articles in my local paper are two quarter page ads for drug companies (Pfizer and Nicotine replacement therapy with antidepressant options). Perhaps this is why they never printed my letter to the editor explaining the flaws in these studies. They know which side their bread is buttered on.

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